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Omnidea Ltd lands at Space Park Leicester

Omnidea Group has announced that its UK subsidiary – Omnidea Ltd – has established in Leicester. Currently at the Innovation Hub of the University of Leicester, Omnidea Ltd is expected to be the first tenant at the new Space Park currently under development.

Omnidea Ltd are bringing basic research and development projects to the UK and will also focus on manufacturing, with innovative processes (e.g. additive manufacturing), and testing of spacecraft propulsion elements, such as pressure tanks and xenon resistojets.

Recently the UK Space Agency announced its formal support to Omnidea Ltd, specifically aiming at developing and testing their innovative Plasma Focus Thruster at Leicester. With an expected improved overall performance of up to 30% over existing thruster technology, the equipment could revolutionise small satellite propulsion.

Tiago Pardal, Chief Executive Officer, Omnidea said: “Omnidea has chosen Leicester for multiple reasons, including the innovation support on offer for Space sector companies, the exciting plans for the new Space Park Leicester development, and access to skilled graduates. Additional factors are also the range of facilities on offer at the University’s Space Research Centre, as for example is the Martian Environment Simulator (MES) which can play a critical role in the future qualification of mono-propellant thruster control valves, currently under development by Omnidea Group.”

Grant Bourhill, Chief Executive Officer, Leicester Science Parks said: “The space industry is rapidly changing, with the UK setting ambitious targets for the burgeoning new market that is set to triple over the next few years. Space Park Leicester, which will open in late 2020, is set to become one of the UK’s strategic space assets, with industry of all sizes working side by side with our academic talent pool. The Space Park will cover the full value chain, from satellite design and manufacture, through to downstream data and its applications. I am delighted therefore that Omnidea, a highly innovative engineering company, have chosen the UK, and Leicester in particular, for their new office. Their relocation will further deepen our collaboration. This announcement is one of several we have made recently as more and more companies are grabbing the opportunity offered by Space Park Leicester and we are now rapidly moving towards our vision of realising a dynamic industry-academic cluster.”