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Workspaces & Labs

Space to design and develop

Work amongst like-minded space and Earth observational professionals in a uniquely dedicated environment.

Co-working spacesLab & workshopsSpace research centre

State-of-the-art facilities

Innovative space and space-enabled businesses benefit from a flexible offering that suits every need – hot-desks to long-term office leases.

Our tenants have access to communal spaces and premium services, such as our concurrent design facility and conferencing spaces, and the opportunity to network and collaborate with other like-minded businesses, academics and students.

Co-working spaces

Base yourself in the midst of our collaborative community, all working together to drive growth in space and space-enabled sectors.

Our co-working spaces come in two flavours, along with additional productivity services where required:


Simple, flexible tenancy options starting from £160 + VAT p/p p/m*

Advantages include:

  • Open-plan collaborative workspaces
  • Networking opportunities and events
  • Access to break-out areas
  • On site café and kitchen facilities

*Min 12 month license.

Private offices

Secure, access-controlled and furnished with desks and chairs

Advantages include:

  • Dedicated internet (up to 1Gbps) and telephony service*
  • Optional access to onsite parking (subject to availability)
  • On site café and kitchen facilities

*Subject to direct contract with external partner

Productivity services

Put our extensive facilities to work and get the best out of Space Park Leicester Services include:

  • Research project teams
  • Multifunctional R&D laboratory suites
  • Concurrent design facility
  • Precision manufacturing facility
  • Bookable meeting rooms and conferencing facilities

Space Park Conversations

Join one of our free events to learn more about how the space industry in the UK is developing.

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Lab & workshops

Put our extensive range of fully equipped laboratories and workshops to work.

Air Quality and Atmospheric Measurement Lab

Laboratory used for:

  • Non-cleanroom, standard optical system breadboarding and alignment.
  • Prototyping remote sensor optical systems (commission only).
  • Adjusting and modifying remote sensing instruments of various sizes.
  • Testing atmospheric sensors and air treatment technology (commission only).

Laboratory capabilities:

  • Optical tables for optical measurements proof of concept testing, including spectroscopy.
Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) Room

Room used for:

  • Spectroscopic measurements for satellite remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere.
Instrument Development Lab

Laboratory used for:

  • General sensor development, thermal calibrations of radiometers with 3D printing capabilities.
  • Early prototyping of instrumentation and hardware.
Calibration Lab

Laboratory used for:

  • Joint research with industry.
  • Optical calibrations of spectrometers (commission only).
  • Characterisation of lasers and detectors in UV-VIS-NIR-IR (commission only).
  • Thermal calibration of radiometers (commission only).
  • Testing of sensors with small volumes of exotic gases (commission only).

Laboratory capabilities:

  • Dark room with moderate thermal stability for radiometric calibration, and specialist gas handling.
Rooftop Observatory

Laboratory used for:

  • Developing outdoor prototypes with close proximity of instrument workshops and indoor data feeds.
  • Setting-up, testing, troubleshooting and deploying new outdoor in-situ and remote sensing equipment.
  • Remote, in situ sensor gas calibration, and real-time data collation.

Laboratory capabilities:

  • Power and gas line connectivity between the indoor lab and outdoor observatory.
  • Contains remote and in-situ atmospheric instruments for setup, maintenance and calibration.

Laboratory used for:

  • Product research and development.
  • Ad-hoc prototyping and visualisation (linking with the Concurrent Design Facility).
  • Computer and hardware ‘hackathon’ activities.
Concurrent Design Facility

Laboratory used for:

  • Concurrent design of hardware and software for the space and space-enabled sectors.
  • Interactive working on-site and remotely.
  • End-to-end design and development (linking with the Flexi-Lab).
Conference Room

Room used for:

  • Large conferences with catering for up to 100 guests, or two smaller, separated or partially separated spaces.

Room capabilities:

  • Interactive touch-screen video-wall for real-time data visualisation and exploration.
  • Easy access to the main atrium, café and outdoor terrace.

Join our thriving tenant community.

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Space Research Centre

Collaborate, develop and push boundaries with our state-of-the-art research facilities.

Visualisation and Optics Laboratory (VR/AR)

Laboratory used for:

  • Testing scientific and industrial Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) projects.

Room capabillities:

  • Facility provides a darkened area for testing.
Dark Lab

Laboratory used for:

  • Light sensitive optical calibration of instruments, sub-systems and equipment.
Wolfson Lab

Laboratory used for:

  • Researcher, academic and industry product development.
  • Space 4.0 techniques, including commercial payloads and CubeSats for deep space exploration.
Space Labs 1 - 4

Laboratories used for:

  • Testing facilities
  • Basic science and projects with space agencies, industry and other organisations.
  • Collaborations with university academics and researchers

Space Lab 2 (Astrobiology Containment Lab) capabilities:

  • ESA Double Walled Isolator for supporting the Mars Sample Return mission – NASA-ESA mission to return samples collected by the Mars Perseverance rover.
Clean Room

Laboratory used for:

  • (ISO 6) Ultra-clean and static-free assembly of instruments, spacecraft and components.
Mechanical Workshop

Workshop used for:

  • Manufacture of components for research, lab facilities and projects.
Electronics Workshop

Workshop used for:

  • Manufacture of electronics for research work, lab facilities and projects.
Hazardous Chemistry Lab

Laboratory used for:

  • Conducting hazardous chemical processing on site.
  • Open liquid based radioactive sources used in medical imaging.
  • Powder sintering and chemical dissolution.
Drone Lab

Laboratory used for:

  • Work on drone based aircraft.
  • Earth observation drones ‘garage’.
  • Developing and testing instruments to be flown on the drones.

Laboratory capability:

  • Has an outside door and drone launch area.
Model Shop

Shop used for:

  • Small mechanical projects on equipment and components.
  • Housing tools and machines for small item manufacture and alteration.
Metrology Lab

Shop used for:

  • Measurement of metrological components.

Laboratory capability:

  • Provides a thermal stable environment < ±2C for measurement of components.
  • Computer Measurement Machine to allow measurement of dimensions to an accuracy of a few microns (10-6m).

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