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Research and Development

A world-leading innovation centre

The Space Sector is growing significantly, both nationally and globally.

Crucially the role played by the Space Sector in driving other parts of the economy (such as finance, logistics and agriculture) is also set to grow substantially from the circa 15% of GDP today.

Research at Space Park Leicester will respond to this wealth of opportunity, expanding collaboration between industry, academia and public sector bodies, both in the UK and globally.

Our partnerships will deliver impactful innovation through the integration of upstream technology development and manufacture with downstream application of space-derived data. We will establish advanced manufacturing capability to reduce costs, risk and lead times for satellites and payloads for near and deep space applications.

Space-enabled opportunities, such as linking health with pollution monitoring, or supporting regulatory compliance of greenhouse gas emissions, will address the big challenges facing society.

Space 4.0 development

Space Park Leicester is a unique Space 4.0 development, a world-leading research and innovation centre providing opportunities unavailable elsewhere including a joined-up, end-to-end approach to primary research challenges. It has the potential to revolutionise how satellites are conceived, designed, operated and produced, and how the information they provide is captured, mined and interpreted, by:


  • Addressing the research challenges and barriers to adoption in small to medium sized satellite production.
  • Building a facility of digital systems and IT infrastructure to support the challenges of big data and its processing in space technology and Earth Observation services.
  • Developing a laboratory for novel Earth Observation research methods, technologies and applications at high spatial and multispectral resolution.
  • Integrating all these research strands, so that data needs are met with appropriate hardware design and production approaches.

Facilities and opportunities

Our combination of facilities – including laboratories, workshops, cleanrooms, a concurrent design facility and a virtual reality cave – will provide an essential support infrastructure to those collaborating on research and development projects. All organisations collaborating with Space Park Leicester will also have unrivalled access to our internationally renowned knowledge base.

To enquire about our R&D programmes and facilities, and how you may get involved, please contact

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To enquire about our R&D programmes and facilities, and how you may get involved, please contact