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Missions & R&D

Planet-leading space campus

Our R&D centre is classed as a unique Space 4.0 development, providing mission opportunities unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Space research themes

Space System Lifecycle Journey

Here’s how we help you get to mission launch.

Concept & Partnership

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Regulation & Legislation
  • Funding & Partnership Support
  • Mission Risk & Requirements
  • Management
  • Space Sustainability


  • System Design & Integration
  • Computational Modelling
  • Prototyping
  • End of Life Design


  • Metrology
  • Manufacturing
  • Bespoke Instrumentation
  • Assembly & Integration

Validation & Vertification Calibration

  • Product & Quality Assurance
  • Calibration
  • Testing

Pre Launch

  • EO Modelling
  • Mission Control Design
  • Data Visualisation
  • Mission Operations

Post Launch

  • Space Sustainability
  • EO data analysis and commercialisation

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Joined up thinking

Our end-to-end approach to primary research will revolutionise satellite design, operation and production, including how information is captured, mined and interpreted.

The combination of our unrivalled facilities – including labs, workshops, cleanrooms, a design facility and a VR cave – provides an essential supportive infrastructure to collaborative teams working on a variety of research and development projects, including:

  • Addressing research challenges and barriers in small to medium sized satellite production.
  • Building digital systems and IT infrastructure to support the processing of big data in space technology and Earth observation services.
  • Developing Earth observation research methods, technologies and applications at high spatial and multispectral resolution.
  • Integrating research strands, to meet the needs of hardware design and production approaches.

Cosmic Coffee

Join our monthly events designed to provide a platform for the Midlands space community.

Upcoming Events

Our Space research themes

Space Exploration, Technologies & Engineering

We have a long history of developing key components for a wide variety of orbital and deep space missions.

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Planetary Science

Leicester-built instruments right now traveling to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and the Jovian moons.

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Earth Observation Science

Leicester is home to the National Centre for Earth Observation, and plays a key role in studying our planet.

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We are involved with pioneering missions such as Swift, SVOM and the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Contact us to learn how you can benefit from our unique R&D facilities.