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Skills and Education

Take your career to stratospheric levels

Space Park Leicester introduces students and learners to the environments, knowledge and skills that underpin today’s rapidly expanding space and space-enabled sectors. Our range of education and training opportunities are designed to create and inspire a new generation of engineers, analysts and entrepreneurs – ready to change the world for the better.

Our programmes make full use of our unique partnerships across the space industry and are led by academics and businesses at the forefront of these fields. Students training here will have unprecedented access to the facilities used to develop and test technologies for major space missions, as well as the experts who have used them.

To find out more about our skills development, from masters through to bespoke CPD, please contact

Degrees in space

Students training at Space Park will provide a pool of interns and employees to partners. Specific opportunities will include joint projects with industry within degree courses, summer internships, year in industry placements and joint University/industry-supported PhDs. Industrial partners will also be able to contribute directly to degree teaching, helping develop the employability of Leicester students.

CPD in space

Drawing on the University of Leicester’s extensive CPD provision and distance learning, training opportunities are available for individual postgraduate modules which can be studied remotely. Studying multiple modules can lead to the award of a certificate (PGCert), diploma (PGDip) or a full Masters degree.

Schools in space

Alongside provision for undergraduate and postgraduate students, the University of Leicester and Space Park Leicester will stimulate the curiosity and wonder of primary and secondary school pupils through close collaboration with the National Space Centre and its National Space Academy. There will also be apprenticeship opportunities driven by the University’s widening participation agenda. Higher Apprenticeships will target NVQ-level training of recruits to industrial partners.

MSc – Space Exploration Systems

This will enable students to gain an in-depth understanding of the science and engineering of missions, and provide an opportunity to work in an international team with the involvement of industry, and experience “hands-on” work with spacecraft.

MSc – Satellite Data Science

This course will provide students with the key skills to understand the principles of remote sensing whilst being able to develop computer programmes to process and exploit the data, often using high-performance computing infrastructure.

CPD – The Politics of Space Security and Space Law

Develop and expand your comprehension of global space politics and law.

This one day, online course, is geared towards professionals of all levels in the space sector. The course covers; the rise of new military space powers, UK, EU space politics and strategy, international space institutions, international and domestic space laws and global governance in space.