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A collaborative community driving the expansion of space

Building upon the heritage and space-science excellence of the University of Leicester, Space Park is a collaborative community of industry, academics and students working together to drive growth in space and space-enabled sectors.

We undertake world-leading research, impactful innovation and offer a wide-range of skills and educational development opportunities.

Our community has been deliberately created to cover innovative upstream engineering through to the downstream capture, analysis and application of space data. It is this integrated “end to end” working that makes our community so unique.

Space Park is a compelling location, whether you are involved in the space sector itself, or utilise space-based assets or data as an integral part of your business.

In 2020, the space sector underpinned approximately 15% of the UK’s economic activity and this is forecast to grow significantly. Space Park aims to support this growth, boosting economic performance in the region, while becoming a strategically important asset in the delivery of the UK’s industrial competitiveness.

To learn more about how you can join our community, contact us to find out more.