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About Us

Our story

We are a collaborative community at the forefront of the UK space sector.

We are a collaborative community at the forefront of the UK space sector

The space sector continues to grow, nationally and internationally.

In 2020, the space sector underpinned approximately 15% of the UK’s economic activity.

Our role is to support and nurture this growth by boosting economic performance regionally and nationally, as we strive to become a strategic asset in delivering the UK’s industrial competitiveness.

We undertake world-leading research, support innovation, and offer skills and education

To help further the UK space sector, our unique, integrated ‘end-to-end’ community of industry experts, academics, and students work together, cover everything from innovative upstream engineering through to the downstream capture, analysis and application of space data.

Join our thriving tenant community.

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Leicester’s journey through space

In 1960, Professor Ken Pounds founded the Space Research Group at the University of Leicester.

The first Leicester-built instrument was launched into space aboard a Skylark rocket in 1961 – and there’s been at least one piece of Leicester-built equipment operating in space since 1967.

For over sixty years the University of Leicester has continued to collaborate with international space agencies and industrial partners.

The development of Space Park Leicester is part of the University’s commitment to integrate space engineering and data, and to provide unparalleled opportunities for students and young people.

Cosmic Coffee

Join our monthly Cosmic Coffee events designed to provide a platform for the Midlands space community.

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Space Park Conversations

Join one of our free events to learn more about how the space industry in the UK is developing.

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Proud to reside in Space City

The only sector focused cluster that welcomes the public, provides learning pathways from pre-school to post-doctoral, delivers talent to industry, and performs research of global importance.