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The METEOR Programme: an update from Professor Richard Ambrosi

The Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology and Earth Observation Research Centre (METEOR) is a collaborative research project bringing industry and academics together to deliver innovation in the space sector. It has been running since mid-2019 and will locate its centre of operations to the new Space Park Leicester offices this year, starting when the phase 1 building officially opens in July 2021. 

The METEOR programme has four interlinking research work streams that partners and academics will work within and across:  

  • Space 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Next Generation digital intelligent systems 
  • Integrated Novel Earth Observation Technologies (INEOT) 
  • Education and Skills Development 

The partner group is a collection of businesses and organisations and is fundamental to the success of METEOR. They form an engaged collaborative community, each contributing to the infrastructure and ecosystem and leveraging it for their development projects.  

Despite the COVID challenges, the development activities with partners have progressed and a solid foundation is developing ready for the lifting of restrictions. The partners that have chosen to locate teams at Space Park Leicester  will take up residence as the new buildings open, and meetings and events will follow to allow both the resident and non-resident partners to begin regular meetings and develop the community during 2021. Ahead of this, our second partner workshop will be held on-line in June and will include Space Park Leicester and METEOR updates and special interest breakout sessions. There are over 20 founder METEOR partners currently developing and delivering innovative projects, and discussions are underway with over 10 potential partners.   

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In future articles we will describe the key research areas and themes of METEOR in more detail and highlight the involvement of partners.