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Accessing Leicester’s space talent

It’s easy to access student and graduate space and Earth observation talent at the University of Leicester

At the University of Leicester our talent development programme known as My Student Journey (MSJ), prepares students to transition into graduate employment after university. The programme has been recognised with awards and accolades from both the graduate recruitment and higher education sector. It is designed as a talent pipeline to provide employers with access to future employees.

MSJ enables students to identify, develop, reflect and articulate their transferable skills and self-awareness from both their academic studies, as well as experience gained outside of their degree.

Why the University of Leicester?

We are one of the most socially inclusive of the UK’s leading universities with a long-standing commitment to providing fairer and equal access to higher education.
Our total student population is approximately 18,500 (12,000 undergraduates). Our community is rich, diverse and vibrant with many students from a range of different backgrounds:

  • 52% identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
  • 18% of UG students have a country of domicile outside the UK
  • 12% of students have declared a disability
  • 86% of students are under the age of 21

The Career Development Service provides a high quality of service to students and employers. This is evidenced by our accreditations through the Matrix Standard and the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services Quality Standard. We have also been recognised through being awarded many accolades in our work to support student and graduate career development provision.

How to attract the best space and Earth observation talent?

Building awareness and profile amongst the student community is important to accessing a talent pool and being recognition as a prospective employer of choice. There are a number of routes to ensure your organisation connects and engages with students before considering employment opportunities.

  • Projects – provide the opportunity for students to work on a specific task or activity to build skills and understanding, and gain knowledge and insight from a student perspective
  • Fairs – showcasing your organisation at a fair during our careers week’s gives you access to a wide range of students
  • Workshops and presentations – deliver a session to a targeted group of students to increase profile and develop their understanding of the recruitment and selection processes.

What are the options to recruit talent?

We will work with you to develop a recruitment plan to identify the best solution to meet your talent resourcing needs. A number of option should be considered, each providing a different routes in which to access new employees.

  • Part-time work – our employment agency will help you find suitable talent to fill casual or part-time roles
  • Internships – short-term employment up to 3 months for students outside of the term programme, with options to access funding to cover salary for eligible organisations
  • Placements – professional work experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students as part of their degree programme between 3 and 12 months
  • Graduate and entry level roles – employ recent graduates on longer term or permanent positions once they have completed their studies.

Connect with us to discuss your talent needs

Our team support a high number of diverse and wide ranging employers to support their recruitment needs through working with you to outline a partnership recruitment plan to engage and recruit your target audience. Please contact us to discuss your future talent needs at the details below.

Career Development Service

t: +44 (0)116 252 2068