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Global intelligence experts relocate to Space Park Leicester

An international company which uses space technology to uncover hidden and illegal activity around the world has relocated to Space Park Leicester.

Using its constellation of satellites and proprietary processing techniques, Kleos Space locates radio transmissions in key areas of interest around the globe, efficiently uncovering and exposing hidden activity on land and sea in the global fight against environmental, security and economic challenges.

Its UK team of experts has moved to the £100 million Midlands facility to work on a variety of the firm’s key technologies and innovations and to support their UK customer base.

Professor Martin Barstow (right) welcomes members of the Kleos team to Space Park Leicester

Miles Ashcroft, Kleos Space Chief Innovation Officer, said: “Space Park Leicester aligns well with Kleos’ strategic UK growth plans, improving our connections to the local and national space business and academic community, bringing the team within immediate reach of other significant players in our sector and increasing opportunities for collaboration and innovation.”

Space Park Leicester will be home to members of the Kleos global team including those working in Spacecraft Systems, IT, DevOps, Software, Innovation Finance and UK customer relationship development and support.

Professor Martin Barstow, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Space Park Leicester, said: “Kleos Space is internationally respected for their work on detecting and geolocating radio frequency transmissions from space to identify hidden and illegal activity.

“They are yet another huge asset to the community at Space Park Leicester and we are incredibly proud to welcome them here.”

Space Park Leicester boasts workspaces for companies of all sizes from those requiring a single desk to those needing a secure office.

To find out more about Kleos visit: