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Space Park Leicester celebrates World Space Week

Space Park Leicester will join World Space Week celebrations and host their first art exhibit on the theme of Space: Science and Nature.

Today marks the beginning of World Space Week, the largest annual space event in the world. As part of these celebrations, Space Park Leicester will host a series of events integrating art and science. The events start with school workshops, where pupils will have the chance to make their own art with professional artists. October 4 will see a private viewing of the exhibit for the Artist’s Evening Reception. Then the doors will open to the general public to view the gallery. 2-hour sessions on the 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 October are currently available to book for free now. There will also be a Community Day on the 17 October where the public will be able to view the gallery, listen to talks and see live demonstrations.

From the hundreds of entries that were submitted to be part of the exhibit, 30 of the best works of art have been chosen to be displayed at the Space: Science and Nature exhibit. Alongside these entries will be artwork from Leicestershire based artists Matthew Turner, known for his fine art space paintings, and Loz Atkinson, a multidisciplinary artist. There will also be work from the co-founders of the Creativity and Curiosity Art-Science Project: Ione Parkin RWA and Gillian McFarland SSA.

These events coincide with increased awareness of the educational framework of STEAM. This is the integration of STEM subjects with the Arts. The goal of this is to encourage critical thinking and also to use design principles to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. The sciences also heavily rely on visual-art skills to effectively communicate ideas through diagrams and illustrations.

“The liberal arts add the ‘who and why’ to the ‘what and how’ of STEM” – Georgette Yakman, founding researcher of the STEAM educational framework.

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