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Free product development workshop for businesses will take place during Leicester Business Festival

A free workshop for businesses hoping to develop ideas across all manufacturing sectors will be led by experts at Space Park Leicester as part of this year’s Leicester Business Festival.

Start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend the workshop on Friday, November 11, especially if they are interested in discovering ways to develop new and innovative products, components and tooling across all manufacturing sectors, including space.

Registrations are now open to attend the event taking place from 9:30am to 12:00pm.

Professor Mark Sims, Director of the Space Research Centre, at the University of Leicester said: “We are delighted to offer this opportunity to businesspeople and provide them with the knowledge to develop with help from the experts we have here at Space Park Leicester.

“Those hosting the workshop are part of the Star Accelerator programme which will help the businesses in attendance deliver new and innovative products, components and tooling across all manufacturing sectors including space.”

Experts from the University of Leicester will lead the workshop

The Product Development Workshop will be delivered by experts from the University of Leicester’s Space Technology Applications from Research (STAR) Accelerator programme.

Funded by the University of Leicester and the European Regional Development Fund, the STAR Accelerator assist in accelerating the design, development, validation, and testing of a new product, prototype or demonstrator or tooling using state-of-the-art knowledge, design and manufacturing capabilities and facilities.

Expertise and knowledge delivered by the STAR Accelerator include:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Precision Machining and Measurement
  • 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) in metals, composites and wax
  • Prototype Build, Electronic Prototype Design or Build, Prototype Sensor Design or Build, Testing and Fault Finding.

Those wishing to attend the free workshop must register their attendance here: Those who participate have the chance to qualify for further 2-day workshops in Product Development or Advanced Manufacturing.