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Space Park Leicester hosts grand opening event for Leicester Business Festival 2023

Professor Mike Kagioglou, Will Wells, Rupinder Drew, Jevean Barryclough and Richard Osborn

Space Park Leicester, a renowned hub for innovation and collaboration in the space and space-enabled sectors, celebrated the successful launch of the Leicester Business Festival 2023 at a special ceremony today.

This exclusive event marked the beginning of two weeks of exciting business activities taking place from 6th November to 17th across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Attended by key stakeholders and partners, including Leicester City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, guests were treated to a light breakfast and refreshments while engaging in valuable networking, idea exchange, and gaining insights from industry leaders.

The launch event provided a unique opportunity to learn more about the Leicester Business Festival with guests given the privilege of listening to inspirational business leaders from across Leicester and Leicestershire at the University of Leicester’s state-of-the-art Space Park Leicester, a £100 million facility dedicated to innovation and collaboration.

William Wells, Deputy Director Research & Enterprise at the University of Leicester, said: “Space Park Leicester is a dynamic collaborative community that brings together industry, academics, and students to drive growth in the space and space-enabled sectors.

“The organisation is known for its world-leading research, ground-breaking innovation, and a wide range of skills and educational development opportunities. Its commitment to fostering the growth and development of the space industry makes it the ideal host for the opening event of the ninth Leicester Business Festival.”

The Leicester Business Festival is an annual fortnight of business events held across Leicester and Leicestershire every autumn. These events encompass a wide array of formats, from digital to in-person platforms, workshops, seminars, product demonstrations, showroom tours, and roundtable debates. The festival’s diverse agenda ensures there is something for everyone.

Local businesses and organisations are the driving force behind it, with events designed to offer help and support, share information and knowledge, and create forums for networking, engagement, and business growth. Since its inception in 2015, the festival has grown significantly, hosting hundreds of events and attracting thousands of attendees each year.

The Leicester Business Festival has become a fixture in the region’s business calendar and is renowned nationwide for its spotlight on Leicester and Leicestershire. It showcases the region’s business strengths, innovation, and its significant investment potential. Not only is the Leicester Business Festival the largest business event in the region, but it also plays a crucial role in the post-COVID economic recovery plan for Leicester and Leicestershire.

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