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Space Park Leicester looks forward to collaborating with the city’s newly appointed Business Board

Andy Reed OBE

Space Park Leicester, a prominent leader in the UK space sector, is pleased to welcome the formation of the new Leicester and Leicestershire Business Board, chaired by Andy Reed OBE.

This new Business Board will play a vital role in shaping the region’s economic strategy following the recent transition of responsibilities from the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) to local authorities. Andy Reed OBE, former Chair of the LLEP, will lead the Board, ensuring continuity in business and stakeholder engagement as it transitions into this new phase.

Space Park Leicester, which officially opened in 2022, was developed with the significant support of the LLEP, receiving £12.88 million in Local Growth Funds. This financial backing was crucial for establishing the park as a world-class science and innovation hub.

Martin Barstow, Professor of Astrophysics and Space Science at the University of Leicester and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Space Park Leicester, commented, “The climate of enterprise created by the LLEP has been crucial in creating the forward-looking environment in which Space Park Leicester works.

“The direct support of the LLEP was essential to get our idea for Space Park Leicester off the ground and accepted by government and funders. Without the direct financial support of the LLEP, Space Park Leicester would not have been possible.

“We are deeply grateful for this support and delighted to learn of Andy’s new appointment. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Andy and the new Business Board created by the City and County Councils.”

The new Leicester and Leicestershire Business Board, a key component of the Leicester and Leicestershire Business and Skills Partnership, will unite senior public and private sector leaders to address growth and skills development across the region.

Mr Reed said: “It’s so important that the voice of business is available to local authority leaders as they form growth policy in our city and county. The Leicester and Leicestershire Business Board will provide input from businesses of all sizes during decision-making, working with our elected leaders to inform broad economic strategy.”

During its 13-year history, the LLEP partnered on over 360 projects and attracted nearly £860 million in investment into Leicester and Leicestershire. Achievements include the creation and safeguarding of over 7,400 jobs, construction of thousands of new homes, and the development of over 260,000 square meters of commercial space.

The LLEP was also instrumental in establishing Enterprise Zones and leading initiatives like the Business Gateway Growth Hub and the Careers Hub, which have seen extensive involvement from the University of Leicester.

The new Business Board is tasked with continuing this legacy, aiming to boost regional skills and growth by incorporating the local business perspective into economic strategies. Cllr Nick Rushton, Leader of Leicestershire County Council, and Sir Peter Soulsby, Leicester’s Elected Mayor, have both expressed their enthusiasm for Andy Reed’s leadership and the future contributions of the Board.

Cllr Rushton, welcomed Government sign-off for the new Business and Skills Partnership, adding: “I’m delighted that Andy has agreed to chair the new Business Board and am keen that we get the new arrangements up and running as soon as possible.”

Sir Peter Soulsby, added: “Building a strong business voice into the development and delivery of our economic strategy is very important and we look forward to working alongside Andy as we establish the new Business Board.”

Recruitment for Board members is currently underway, with the first meeting expected later this year. Subsequent meetings will occur bi-monthly across various locations in Leicester and Leicestershire. Board members will serve an initial three-year term, with a potential extension for an additional three years.