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Maxar Intelligence inspires the next generation of geospatial experts

Jose Busquets of Space Park Leicester with Matt Day of Maxar and student Kent Tadjouddine

Space Park Leicester and the University of Leicester are working with Maxar Intelligence – a leading geospatial intelligence company – to provide students with vital experience in the space sector.

Maxar uses the power of geospatial data and technology to help customers get mission-critical insights faster.

Keen to support the next generation of industry experts, Maxar has become involved with the micro-intern programme run for students by Space Park Leicester – the University of Leicester’s £100 million science and innovation park.

Through this programme, students collaborated with Maxar’s team of geospatial experts while also gaining insights into interview practice and applications to support their initial steps into the workplace.

Frazer Stark, of the University of Leicester’s Careers and Employability Service, explained the micro-internship is part of the University’s ongoing commitment to enhance student employability and provide hands-on experience in the burgeoning space industry.

He said: “We’re extremely proud of what our students have achieved through their micro-internships at Space Park Leicester. These opportunities are pivotal in preparing them for the complexities of the modern workforce.

“We are eager to expand this programme, working alongside innovative partners like Maxar to host more micro-internships at Space Park Leicester in the future.”

The micro-internship program is designed to fit seamlessly into students’ academic schedules and offers up to 40 hours of practical experience on projects that align closely with real business needs.

It provides the students with valuable industry exposure and employability skills and aids Space Park Leicester’s partner organisations by allowing them to address specific business challenges with fresh perspectives.

Frazer added: “The success of this programme underlines our commitment to fostering a hands-on learning environment that prepares our students for success.

“We look forward to continuing our collaborations with leading organisations to bring these opportunities to more students.”

Anders Linder, GM of Maxar Intelligence’s International Government business, said: “Working alongside talented students like Kent Tadjouddine at the University of Leicester, Maxar contributes to their professional development and gains fresh insights and innovative ideas that drive our industry forward.

“By actively engaging with the University of Leicester and Space Park Leicester, we are excited to be nurturing future talent and supporting the growth of the UK space economy.” Space Park Leicester has also attracted national recognition on several occasions in recent months, having been praised in Parliament for its work to make space more accessible.