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Space Park Leicester

Join a dynamic community

Space Park Leicester is home to a unique community of researchers and high-tech businesses working to further the space economy. Bringing a completely novel and dynamic environment, partners have access to unparalleled research, business support and student talent to further the development of new products and services.

To find out how we can support you and your business please contact the team:

State-of-the-art workspaces

Space Park Leicester’s state-of-the-art workspaces place your business at the centre of an inspiring, collaborative community that’s shaping the future of the UK’s space industry.
Our shared or leased offices and labs are fully serviced and offer the flexibility and support you need to push the boundaries of space innovation.

Innovation and knowledge transfer

Space Park Leicester provides international space and space-enabled organisations with unrivalled access to the University of Leicester’s renown space expertise, pioneering research, and the knowledge required to fuel business growth and excellence.

We collaborate on joint research projects, work together to develop new products and services, and can introduce your business to specialist funding programmes that will allow you to create new realities and achieve your vision.

We are an ESA Business Incubation Centre

The ESA BIC (European Space Agency – Business Incubation Centre) UK at Leicester is a route for SMEs to develop technologies for the Space Industry. Applicants can be from those in the Space sector or those considering new products and services for the sector.

This provides a great opportunity for new start-ups in space or space-enabled sectors to relocate to Space Park Leicester and receive funding and mentorship as part of the ESA BIC Programme.

Space Park Leicester clean room
Space Park Leicester office