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Inquisitive visitors enjoy “hands-on” Space Park Leicester Community Day

A “hands on” behind the scenes tour of Space Park Leicester was enjoyed by more than 80 visitors during a community open day last month.

Academics led tours and demonstrated equipment to inquisitive visitors who gathered to find out more about the £100 million research centre on Monday, October 17.

Guests took part in space-themed craft activities, examined samples of the moon and learnt about Leicester’s involvement in the James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched on Christmas Day 2021.

Experts from the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) were also on hand to demonstrate a thermal imaging camera and invited people to have a go at a carbon footprint game.

 Josh Barker, Education and Outreach Manager at Space Park Leicester, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome families, businesses and organisations to our fantastic research hub and enjoy the hands-on activities on offer.

“The presence of Space Park Leicester is rising steadily not only in the city of Leicester but in the region and the UK as a whole, our open day events give us the opportunity to throw open the doors and showcase the exciting projects that are currently underway or in the pipeline.”

Impressive submissions to the venue’s inaugural Space Art Exhibition were on display for people to enjoy and the distinguished artist, Robin Sewell and his wife received a virtual reality demo, a Mars Sample Return experience and a day out at the National Space Centre.

The ambient sounds of a specially created playlist for the art exhibition, by composer Paul Alty, entitled exposition:SPACE, wowed guests who were also invited to try out Paul’s laser harp and artist Joanna Hart’s “$30 Million Sandwich” painting was auctioned to raise money for the Woodland Trust.

Sal Jones’ rendition of ESA astronaut Major Tim Peake and Holly Sandiford’s ‘Soil 2’ painting will remain on display after being generously donated to Space Park Leicester.