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New UK ‘Space City’ cluster launched in Leicester

A new ‘Space City Leicester’ cluster has been launched in Leicester that will create one of the largest and most connected Enterprise Zones for space-related activities in the UK. Space City Leicester represents up to £233 million of investment in new and planned facilities on the

Inspirational leader appointed Director of the Institute for Space

In her new role as Director of the Institute for Space, Professor Bunce will work alongside the existing team of scientists and engineers striving towards innovative solutions in space exploration, satellite technology, and space-based observations of Earth and beyond. She will be responsible for overseeing

Rolls-Royce to unveil ambitious plans for space at public lecture

Space Park Leicester is inviting industry leaders to exchange ideas with their Canadian counterparts at a networking lunch taking place in March. Projects are focused on piloting local activity that could be scaled up and rolled out nationally and are being supported by Space Park Leicester