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Space Park Leicester and NCEO launches Earth image competition in celebration of COP28

Space Park Leicester, a leading institution in space research and innovation, in collaboration with the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), is excited to announce a thrilling competition open to Earth observation (EO) scientists and those working with EO data from around the UK. 

As part of a joint venture with the University of Leicester’s £100m science and research hub to celebrate COP28 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12 – Space Park Leicester and NCEO invite entries for “Earth in Focus: Our World from Space“.  

The competition aims to highlight the crucial role satellites play in monitoring and addressing climate change. Submissions of images which draw attention to the beauty and fragility of Earth are encouraged.  

Simon Proud, Earth observation scientist at the National Centre for Earth Observation and RAL Space said: “NCEO is proud to join forces with Space Park Leicester in celebration of COP28 and launch the ‘Earth in Focus’ competition. Our researchers are dedicated to understanding Earth’s complex systems, and we recognise the importance of satellite data in climate science. By showcasing these images, we can inspire a deeper understanding of our environment and the innovative solutions that satellites provide.” 

Mapping land surface temperatures during the UK heatwave 2022.
Credit: NCEO/University of Leicester

Participants can submit their images until 29 November. Shortlisted images will be on display at Space Park Leicester during the ‘COP28 at Space Park’ event 

Dr Joshua Vande Hey, Head of Earth Observation Science at Space Park Leicester, added: “We are committed to promoting a sustainable future through the advancement of space technology. Our ‘Earth in Focus’ competition is a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to the global conversation on climate change.  

Images can be shared to Space Park Leicester or NCEO social media channels, or be submitted via email to: Please include image credits.

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