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Major research and technology organisation joins Space Park Leicester

Specimen preparation by a TWI staff member

One of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations has joined the University of Leicester’s £100 million science and innovation park – Space Park Leicester.

TWI is a membership-driven organisation which helps firms design, create and operate products by providing them with expert advice and safety assurance related to engineering, materials and joining technologies.

It has been active in the space sector for decades and has joined Space Park Leicester to further increase its reputation among space companies.

TWI Business Development Manager Vito Di Pietro said: “We’re very well suited to tackling the manufacturing challenges faced by space companies and have joined Space Park Leicester to define our identity in the sector.

“Joining Space Park Leicester is helping us to engage with other established space companies and organisations and gives us a physical presence in the East Midlands to take advantage of regional funding opportunities and to join local clusters.

“Moreover, we see value in gaining access to Space Park Leicester’s manufacturing and testing capabilities which are complementary to our offering.”

As of this month, TWI is also the European Space Agency’s official Technology Broker in the UK and will run a Space technology transfer programme called Prepare for Space.

The Technology Broker activity aims to create, support and promote an ecosystem of space and non-space entities.

The Prepare for Space programme will enable companies from non-space sectors to apply for business and technical support to reduce the barriers to entering the space industry.

Vito added: “We see this as an opportunity for collaboration with Space Park Leicester and the University of Leicester, and as an additional service that Space Park Leicester could offer to attract new players to the space sector and to Leicester’s new Space City cluster.”

Vinay Patel, Head of Commercial and Innovation at Space Park Leicester said: “TWI is one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations. It employs around 650 people and has an annual turnover in excess of £60 million.

“TWI has provided services such as the development of materials, coatings processes and procedures to the space industry for over 30 years, working on several projects related to materials engineering and manufacturing technologies, developing advanced welding, joining and inspection technologies for space applications, as well as innovative materials such as lightweight alloys and composites.

“We’re thrilled that TWI has joined our vibrant community at Space Park Leicester.”