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METEOR: New Space vs Traditional Space Engineering

How does the UK space sector respond to and remain competitive in an environment that will ultimately blend and tension the New Space philosophy against a more tried and tested traditional approach?

Skyfarer aim to deiver medical supplies by drone

Space Park Leicester to host 100th ESA UK start-up

A technology company developing the UK’s first autonomous drone delivery network dedicated to the fast and direct delivery of vital, time-sensitive medical supplies, has become the latest company to join the world’s largest space innovation network for technology start-ups.

The METEOR Programme: an update from Professor Richard Ambrosi

The Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology and Earth Observation Research Centre (METEOR) is a collaborative research project bringing industry and academics together to deliver innovation in the space sector. It has been running since mid-2019 and will locate its centre of operations to the new Space Park

SPRINT programme aiming to transform business growth through space

SPRINT provides unprecedented, funded access to university space expertise and facilities to help businesses through the commercial exploitation of space data and technologies. It is delivered by a consortium of five of the UK’s leading space universities, led by the University of Leicester and including